Photography by Jonathan Ellis.

When people ask “how’s married life?”, I always hesitate before I answer. The question is phrased in a way that suggests “married life” is somehow a separate dimension to “life”, and I get the impression most folks think it’s akin to running through a field of…

I just love this tune! Such a nice grove. Grown up #afrobeat @KarlNova African Time (Feat. Ayo-Dele)

I’ve chipped away at God’s power in my life with my social streams. It is my way of rebelling, of saying, “What you ask of me is too hard–I’ll turn to photos of faces I don’t see any longer to envelope me… distract me from the things you really want of me.”

“I’ll turn to 1,500 followers (maybe the mass grew heavier over night), I’ll post a photo at 10pm and be witty with 140 characters right before bed so that I can wake up “Like”d in the morning and with even more “friends” who won’t ask me hard questions. Won’t challenge me. Won’t mold me but will admire for all the fragments of a lens I’ve given them into a life where my hair is always perfect. And always, I am laughing. And always, I look skinny in sepia-stained lighting.”

Hannah Brencher. (Is. In. My. Head)

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But as for me and my tumblr, we will serve the Lord

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A few previews featuring DJ Kelechi, Andy Gray & Triple O from last weekend’s film project with the I Do Not Conform team. 

This project is going to be special, so watch this space for more updates!

- Claud 

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The new vid from @realjvessel #MakeItCount. This is fire!

I Love this

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